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  • Posted in: Type 2 - Connect

    Hi Hayley Well, a good start is to ignore virtually all the self promoting, service providing, fee based gurus inhabiting the Web. Then get into some of the more serious peer reviewed scientific studies and invest some time in educating yourself in ...

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    RE: One piece of advice?

    Posted in: Type 2 - Connect

    Right on John. I have been a devotee of the good Professor for over 10 years and I'm walking proof that what he prescribes, works. His book "Life Without Diabetes" occupies pride of place on my desk - full of scientific, proven, no nonsense advice. ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    You can shower with libre 2 on and can get it wet. Not sure how other sensors work Not sure about salty water but I would recommend put a not just a patch over your sensor, as it sticks really well and will protect the sensor really well. I am sure if ...

  • Posted in: Type 1 - Connect

    Hi Community team Many thanks for following up with vitamins and supplements. Diabetics require as much information as possible to stop being fleeced by unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies with many unsubstantiated vitamin claims. Diabetics ...

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